They Came for the Children

1. Vicky Stewart, age 9: Killed at the United Church residential school in Edmonton on April 9, 1958 by school matron Ann Knizky, who hit Vicky over the head with a two by four. Knizky was not charged.

2. Margaret Sepass, age 9: was raped and then beaten to death by Anglican priest John Warner on December 5, 1969, at St. Michael’s Indian school in Alert Bay, British Columbia. Her burial site is unknown. Warner was never charged.

3. Albert Gray, age 11: On January 5, 1938, was beaten to death by Reverend Alfred Caldwell of the United Church of Canada when Albert took a prune from a jar without permission. Caldwell was never charged.

4. Masie Shaw, age 14: On December 24, 1946, the same Principal Caldwell kicked Maisie to her death down a flight of stairs at the United Church`s Alberni residential school. The RCMP investigated, and did not press charges.

5. Richard Thomas: On April 3, 1964, he was sodomized and then strangled to death by Catholic priest Terence McNamara at the Kuper Island Indian school. Richard was buried in secret. McNamara, who is still alive, was never charged.

6. Elaine Dick, age 6: Kicked to death by a nun in April of 1964 at the Squamish Indian school in Vancouver. The RCMP refused to press charges.

7. Daniel Kangetok, age 4: Infected with an untreatable virus as part of a Defense Research Board experimental program funded by the Canadian military. He was left to die at the Carcross Anglican residential school in the Yukon, in February of 1971.

8. David Sepass, age 8: Pushed down some stairs by a priest at the Kuper Island catholic school and left to die, early in 1958.

9. Susan Ball, age 5: Starved to death in a closet at the United Church Edmonton residential school during the winter term of 1959, after being confined there by a church matron for speaking her own language.

10. Pauline Frank, age 8: Died from medical experimentation performed by Canadian army researchers at the Nanaimo Indian Hospital in March of 1972. Her body was buried in secret on the grounds of the hospital, which is still restricted military property.

11. Albert Baptiste, age 9: Died from electric shocks from a cattle prod wielded by a catholic priest at the Mission residential school over Christmas in 1951.

12. Nancy Joe, age 14: Died from involuntary drug testing by military doctors at the Nanaimo Indian hospital in the spring of 1967.

13. Lorraine white, teenager: Gang raped by United Church residential school staff and left to die, Port Alberni, summer of 1971.

If I listed 10 names a day, I could post every day, for more than 13 years, and not finish.

No one has ever been charged or tried under Canadian law for any these killings. The government and churches responsible for this mass murder have been legally absolved of any responsibility for them under Canadian law.

This is not justice. When justice is denied, there is NO healing. When justice is denied, reconciliation is impossible.

From Paul Bate’s post on Facebook June 11, 2021. He’s the reposter of the information, not the source.