The Seattle Journal 2023 Voter Guide

Director of King County Elections
Julie Wise, not Mark Greene

King County Council
District 4: Sarah Reyneveld, not Jorge Baron
District 8: Sofia Aragon, not Teresa Mosqueda

Seattle City Council
District 1: Rob Saka, not Maren Costa
District 2: Tanya Woo, not Tammy Morales
District 3: Joy Hollingsworth, not Alex Hudson
District 4: Maritza Rivera, not Ron Davis
District 5: Cathy Moore, not Christiana Obey Sumner
District 6: Dan Strauss, not Pete Hanniger
District 7: Bob Kettle, not Andrew Lewis

Seattle School Board
District 1: Debbie Carlsen, not Liza Rankin
District 2: Lisa Rivera Smith, not Christina Posten
District 3: Ben Gitenstein, not Evan Briggs
District 6: Gina Topp, not Maryanne Wood