Fundraising for Kevin Dahlgren

Please join me in my fundraising effort to support my friend, Kevin Dahlgren, a social worker changemaker who for many years has brought real solutions to challenge the Homelessness Industrial Complex’s failed approaches.

Kevin was recently arrested on charges of theft and malfeasance. The charges stem from accusations made by radical nihilists who wish to perpetuate homelessness and disorder in order to move their agenda which is to end capitalism and western civilization as we know it. I know that sounds crazy, but that’s what they’re up to.

Although Kevin’s efforts have focused on Gresham, OR and Multnomah County in general, these same radical forces operate here in Seattle. They seem to have nothing but time on their hands to cause endless trouble. I’ve been physically threatened by them when litter picking at encampments. They’ve slandered my colleagues and fellow volunteers, hogtied a friend at a bar and threw her out on the street, and attempted to get others fired from their jobs by spreading lies.

They were finally able to bring Kevin down – a big fait accompli in their world. They’re relentless.

I’ve featured several articles about Kevin and his work over the last few years here at The Seattle Journal and I’ve worked side by side with him dozens of times learning how to litter pick and do outreach to homeless men and women living amongst the squalor at the encampments.

Kevin lost his job over this – certainly his accusers’ goal – and his expenses are racking up. It doesn’t take long for that to knock you back and then some. Right now, he needs help with living expenses.

Please join me in supporting Kevin during this very difficult time. Donations can be made directly to Kevin’s Zelle account – no middlemen or worries that he won’t get the money. Just enter the name Kevin Dahlgren into the “send” search on your Zelle. His name and phone number, (503) 956-xx74, will come up.

Another way to support Kevin is through the Go Fund Me campaign that his brother Kent Dahlgren is managing. Here’s the link: Fundraiser by Kent Dahlgren : Kevin Dahlgren: legal and living expenses (

Thank you for your help. Kindly share this post with your circle.