Campanula x “Birch Hybrid”

Birch Hybrid Campanula (Birch Hybrid Bellflower)

Shown here mingling with Mount Vernon Laurel, another excellent evergreen groundcover, this campanula stays low, blooms long into the summer, provides showstopping inch-and-a-half-ish stunning blue – purple  flowers and behaves itself with almost no maintenance.  Mostly sunny, dry, perched spots are a great place for them, but they’ll also work out with some irrigation or shade and a variety of other soils if they need to.   They’re evergreen here in Seattle.  Maybe a little deadheading after bloom if you’re a neatnik,  but other than that…there isn’t anything that you have to do to this plant.  The one shown here is above a rockery with sandy soil in  morning shade and has not been watered in years.    You can buy it just about anywhere in both 4″ and 1 gallon pots.   Great in containers.