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The body thus represents an open system wherein the actual drug concentration reflects the interplay of intake (ingestion) and egress (elimination).
As the tablet disintegrates, the instrument is set to maintain a small force for a determined period of time. The plots of some distance traveled by the probe generated with the instrumentís software provide disintegration profile of the tablets as a function of time. The plot facilitates calculation of the start and end-point of the tablet disintegration.


When these are degraded by macrophages of the reticuloendothelial (mononuclear phagocyte) system, iron is liberated from hemoglobin. Fe3+ can be stored as ferritin (= protein apoferritin + Fe3+) or returned to erythropoiesis sites via transferrin. A frequent cause of iron deficiency is chronic blood loss due to gastric/intestinal ulcers or tumors. One liter of blood contains 500 mg of iron.
The efficiency with which such a barrier restricts exchange of substances can be increased by arranging these occluding junctions in multiple arrays, as for instance in the endothelium of cerebral blood vessels. The connecting proteins (connexins) furthermore serve to restrict mixing of other functional membrane proteins (ion pumps, ion channels) that occupy specific areas of the cell membrane.


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