This Democrat is Voting for Tiffany Smiley

Tiffany Smiley is a moderate Republican who is much closer to my center left politics than Patty Murray.

I’m a bipartisan wing Dem, so I don’t vote blue no matter who. I vote either side of the center line for whichever candidate is closest to my values. If the Dems gave me a sensible moderate candidate, I’d be more than happy to consider them.

But I can’t even see Patty Murray from where I am. The policies she supports don’t speak to me. I gave her a pass the last couple of times I voted for her, but now that there’s a candidate I can support on the right, Patty has lost my support.

My number one policy interest is school choice. Patty will never get us there. In Washington State, 70% of the kids cannot do math while 50% cannot read and write. It’s tragic that the public schools have never been able to roll out programs that can reach kids whose educations are not supported at home. Instead, they’ve dumbed down all of the classrooms to the achievement level those unsupported kids can handle in the name of equity which is criminal. Patty still preaches about the miracle of public education as she flushes the multitudes of those failing students down the toilet and the closure of public schools for two years during the pandemic made everything worse.

On top of that the economy is a disaster. The southern border is a disaster. Our energy policies are a disaster. Woke-ism is a disaster. Our federal government’s failure to address addiction, mental illness and homelessness is a disaster. Meanwhile, most of those are Patty’s committees.

Tiffany Smiley has pledged not to support a Federal abortion ban and she’s smart to do that. The U.S. Supreme Court decision to hand abortion rights over to the states freed me to consider other issues for my U.S. Senator vote. I’m pro-choice, but extremely tired of that being the seemingly single issue that Democrat candidates for U.S. Congress and President campaign on. For goodness sakes, I know what a heartbeat is and what a woman is for that matter.

I’m not worried about abortion rights in my state of Washington. We have 49 State Senators and 98 State Representative to hash that out and already politicians with a ‘ban abortions attitude’ are being sidelined and that’s as it should be. Outside of Washington, states will at first have a variety of abortion laws from total bans to legal full-term abortions, but they’ll eventually even out because the vast majority of Democrats and Republicans want early term abortions to be legal. Just look what happened in Kansas, a Republican state, this past August.

An AP poll revealed that 61% of Americans say abortion should be legal in most or all circumstances in the first trimester of a pregnancy and 65% of Americans oppose abortions in the second trimester, while almost all acknowledge that emergencies and special circumstances must be accommodated. Patty says she’s representing her constituents with her extreme position on abortion rights. Ironically, she considers herself a Catholic. Go figure.

I litterpicked with Tiffany Smiley and some of her staff at a burned-out homeless encampment recently. She struck me as very authentic, and she showed interest in the Bipartisan Wing movement that I’m putting in motion. She immediately like my bipartisan wing button which depicts a donkey and an elephant having dinner together and toasting each other. I wound up giving it to her and she put it on.

The future is bright if we can elect moderate sensible people from either party. Best of luck, Tiffany Smiley. You have the vote of this bipartisan wing Dem.