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Regardless of the outcome of thrombolytic therapy or balloon dilation, a ?-blocker is administered to suppress imminent arrhythmias, unless it is contraindicated. Treatment of lifethreatening ventricular arrhythmias calls for an antiarrhythmic of the class of Na+-channel blockers, e. g. , lidocaine.
Chronic injury to the bronchial mucosa could be an important causative factor in increasing the risk in smokers of death from bronchial carcinoma. Statistical surveys provide an impressive correlation between the number of cigarettes smoked a day and the risk of death from coronary disease or lung cancer.


Therapeutic uses. Because of their narrow therapeutic margin, these antiarrhythmics are only employed when rhythm disturbances are of such severity as to impair the pumping action of the heart, or when there is a threat of other complications. The choice of drug is empirical. If the desired effect is not achieved, another drug is tried. Combinations of antiarrhythmics are not customary.
Benzene, polycyclic aromatic compounds (e. g. , benzopyrene), and unsaturated cyclic carbohydrates can be converted by mono-oxygenases to epoxides, highly reactive electrophiles that are hepatotoxic and possibly carcinogenic. The second type of oxidative biotransformation comprises dealkylations.


Get Stromectol Medicine

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