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It should be pointed out that neuroleptics do not exert an anticonvulsant action, on the contrary, they may lower seizure thershold. Because they inhibit the thermoregulatory center, neuroleptics can be employed for controlled hypothermia (p. 202). Adverse Effects. Clinically most important and therapy-limiting are extrapyramidal disturbances; these result from dopamine receptor blockade.
In antimetabolites, one of the components is defective. In the body, the abnormal nucleosides undergo bioactivation by attachment of three phosphate residues (p. 287). Idoxuridine and congeners are incorporated into DNA with deleterious results. This also applies to the synthesis of human DNA.


Since the intermediary products may, in part, be pharmacologically active and, in part, be excreted more slowly than the parent substance, metabolites will accumulate with continued regular dosing and contribute significantly to the final effect.
Aldosterone is poorly effective via the oral route; instead, the mineralocorticoid fludrocortisone (0. 1 mg/d) is given. II. Pharmacodynamic therapy with glucocorticoids (A).


Differin by internet

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