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Sulfonamide diuretics compete with urate for the tubular organic anion secretory system. These agents act in the distal portion of the distal tubule and the proximal part of the collecting ducts where Na+ is reabsorbed in exchange for K+ or H+. Their diuretic effectiveness is relatively minor.
Depending on the type of insomnia, benzodiazepines with short or intermediate duration of action are indicated, e. g. , triazolam and brotizolam (t1/2 ~ 46 h); lormetazepam or temazepam (t1/2 ~ 1015 h). These drugs shorten the latency of falling asleep, lengthen total sleep duration, and reduce the frequency of nocturnal awakenings.


In sensory nerves, such an effect is desired when painful procedures must be performed, e. g. , surgical or dental operations. Mechanism of action. Nerve impulse conduction occurs in the form of an action potential, a sudden reversal in resting transmembrane potential lasting less than 1 ms.
An enantiomer may possess an unfavorable configuration at one receptor that may, however, be optimal for interaction with another receptor. In the case of dobutamine, the (+)-enantiomer has affinity at ?-adrenoceptors 10 times higher than that of the (-)-enantiomer, both having agonist activity.


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