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Conceivably, Ca2+ ions cause the adhesion of factor to a phospholipid surface, as depicted in C. Phospholipids are contained in platelet factor 3 (PF3), which is released from aggregated platelets, and in tissue thromboplastin (B). The sequential activation of several enzymes allows the aforementioned reactions to “snowball”, culminating in massive production of fibrin (p. 148).
It exerts inhibitory effects not only on arterial smooth muscle, but also on heart muscle. In the heart, Ca2+ inward currents are important in generating depolarization of sinoatrial node cells (impulse generation), in impulse propagation through the AV- junction (atrioventricular conduction), and in electromechanical coupling in the ventricular cardiomyocytes.


Agents for chemical disinfection ideally should cause rapid, complete, and persistent inactivation of all germs, but at the same time exhibit low toxicity (systemic toxicity, tissue irritancy, antigenicity) and be non-deleterious to inanimate materials. These requirements call for chemical properties that may exclude each other; therefore, compromises guided by the intended use have to be made.
ODTs can be used easily in children who have lost their primary teeth but do not have full use of their permanent teeth9. Recent market studies indicate that more than half of the patient population prefers ODTs to other dosage forms10 and most consumers would ask their doctors for ODTs (70%), purchase ODTs (70%), or prefer ODTs to regular tablets or liquids (>80%)11.


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