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Glucorticoid, anti-inflammatory and feedback inhibitory actions on the hypophysis are correlated. An exclusively anti-inflammatory congener does not exist. The “glucocorticoid” related Cushingoid symptoms cannot be avoided. The table lists relative activity (potency) with reference to cortisol, whose mineralo- and glucocorticoid activities are assigned a value of 1. 0.
Various scientists41 have developed new in vitro methods that allow an accurate determination of disintegration test. The disintegration test is performed using a texture analyzer instrument. In this test, a flat-ended cylindrical probe penetrates into the disintegrating tablet immersed in water.


Before the introduction of the better tolerated acyclovir, vidarabine played a major part in the treatment of herpes simplex encephalitis. Among virustatic antimetabolites, acyclovir (A) has both specificity of the highest degree and optimal tolerability. because it undergoes bioactivation only in infected cells, where it preferentially inhibits viral DNA synthesis.
Nonetheless, these changes are significant because the patient experiences relief from the torment of psychotic personality changes; care of the patient is made easier and return to a familiar community environment is accelerated.


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