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Adverse effects of thioamides are rare; however, the possibility of agranulocytosis has to be kept in mind. Perchlorate, given orally as the sodium salt, inhibits the iodide pump. Adverse reactions include aplastic anemia.
Certain opioid analgesics, such as codeine and tramadol, may be prescribed in the usual manner, because of their lesser potential for abuse and development of dependence. Differences between opioids regarding efficacy and potential for dependence probably reflect differing affinity and intrinsic activity profiles for the individual receptor subtypes.


The effective stimulus is a small elevation of intracellular Na+ concentration. Concomitantly, the amount of Ca2+ mobilized during systole and, thus, contractile force, increases. It is generally thought that the underlying cause is the decrease in the Na+ transmembrane gradient, i.e., the driving force for the Na+/Ca2+ exchange), allowing the intracellular Ca2+ level to rise.
Targeted therapeutic suppression of viral replication requires selective inhibition of those metabolic processes that specifically serve viral replication in infected cells. To date, this can be achieved only to a limited extent. Viral replication as exemplified by Herpes simplex viruses (A):


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