Benicar in the USA

Drug Name Benicar

Knowledge of structure–activity relationships has permitted the synthesis of sympathomimetics that display a high degree of selectivity at adrenoceptor subtypes. Direct-acting sympathomimetics (i. e. , adrenoceptor agonists) typically share a phenylethylamine structure. The side chain ?-hydroxyl group confers affinity for ?- and ?-receptors.
The body’s self-healing powers were to be properly activated only by minimal doses of the medicinal substance. The homeopath’s task is not to diagnose the causes of morbidity, but to find the drug with a “symptom profile” most closely resembling that of the patient’s illness. This drug is then applied in very high dilution.


Clinical trials with etidronate, administered as an intermittent regimen, have yielded favorable results in osteoporosis. With the newer drugs clodronate, pamidronate, and alendronate, inhibition of osteoclasts predominates; a continuous regimen would thus appear to be feasible.
After its i. v. injection, fine muscle twitches (fasciculations) can be observed. A new AP can be elicited near the endplate only if the membrane has been allowed to repolarize. The AP is due to opening of voltagegated Na-channel proteins, allowing Na+ ions to flow through the sarcolemma and to cause depolarization.


Benicar in the USA

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