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However, at this point an amount of released ACh smaller than that normally required will be sufficient to elicit a propagated action potential. At a low concentration, nicotine acts as a ganglionic stimulant; it alters the filter function of the ganglionic synapse, allowing action potential frequency in the second neuron to approach that of the first (B).
Neuroleptic activity profiles. The marked differences in action spectra of the phenothiazines, their derivatives and analogues, which may partially resemble those of butyrophenones, are important in determining therapeutic uses of neuroleptics.


Hence, these compounds are highly polar, poorly membrane permeable, and not absorbed enterally. Neomycin and paromomycin are given orally to eradicate intestinal bacteria (prior to bowel surgery or for reducing NH3 formation by gut bacteria in hepatic coma). Aminoglycosides for the treatment of serious infections must be injected (e. g. , gentamicin, tobramycin, amikacin, netilmicin, sisomycin).
Normally, they represent a small proportion of the total amount of bile acid present in the body (circle diagram in A); however, this increases considerably with chronic administration because of enterohepatic cycling, p. 38). Bile acids undergo almost complete reabsorption in the ileum.


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