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Mitosis is preceded by replication of chromosomes (DNA synthesis) and increased protein synthesis (RNA synthesis). Existing DNA (gray) serves as a template for the synthesis of new (blue) DNA or RNA. De novo synthesis may be inhibited by: Damage to the template (1). Alkylating cytostatics are reactive compounds that transfer alkyl residues into a covalent bond with DNA.
Norepinephrine (NE) displays affinity for receptors, transport systems, and degradative enzymes. Chemical alterations of the catecholamine differentially affect these properties and result in substances with selective actions. Inhibitors of MAO (A). The enzyme is located predominantly on mitochondria, and serves to scavenge axoplasmic free NE.


The uncharged form can penetrate the perineurium and enters the endoneural space, where a fraction of the drug molecules regains a positive charge in keeping with the local pH.
The technologies that have been used by various researchers to prepare orally disintegrating dosage forms include: Freeze- Drying or Lyophilization, Molding, Direct Compression, Disintegrant addition, Sublimation, Spray Drying, Mass Extrusion, Cotton-candy process, NanoCrystalTM Technology, Oral films/wafers.


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