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Drug Name Tegretol

A constant plasma level would, however, be undesirable if it accelerated a loss of effectiveness (development of tolerance), or if the drug were required to be present at specified times only.
The distance between both DRCs indicates the difference between the therapeutic and toxic doses. This margin of safety indicates the risk of toxicity when standard doses are exceeded. “The dose alone makes the poison” (Paracelsus). This holds true for both medicines and environmental poisons. No substance as such is toxic!


Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) is the medical preparation belonging to the pharmacological group of hormonal antineoplastic agents and hormone antagonists. It is the drug on the basis of the active component of Tamoxifen, prescribed to patients in case of breast cancer, endometrial cancer, kidney cancer, soft tissue sarcoma, anovulatory infertility, oligospermia or pituitary tumor.
They have in common an abnormal sugar moiety. Like the natural nucleosides, they undergo triphosphorylation, giving rise to nucleotides that both inhibit reverse transcriptase and cause strand breakage following incorporation into viral DNA. The nucleoside inhibitors differ in terms of l) their ability to decrease circulating HIV load;


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