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The smallest basic unit of an organism is the cell. The outer cell membrane, or plasmalemma, effectively demarcates the cell from its surroundings, thus permitting a large degree of internal autonomy. Embedded in the plasmalemma are transport proteins that serve to mediate controlled metabolic exchange with the cellular environment.
At the start of therapy, gout attacks may occur, but they can be prevented by concurrent administration of colchicine (0. 51. 5 mg/d). Uricosurics, such as probenecid, benzbromarone (100 mg/d), or sulfinpyrazone, promote renal excretion of uric acid. They saturate the organic acid transport system in the proximal renal tubules, making it unavailable for urate reabsorption.


Countermeasures: glucose administration, rapidly absorbed CH orally or 1020 g glucose i. v. in case of unconsciousness; if necessary, injection of glucagon, the pancreatic hyperglycemic hormone. Even with optimal control of blood sugar, s. c. administration of insulin cannot fully replicate the physiological situation.
It is well tolerated; however, released Al3+ ions can cause constipation. Misoprostol (B) is a semisynthetic prostaglandin derivative with greater stability than natural prostaglandin, permitting absorption after oral administration. Like locally released prostaglandins, it promotes mucus production and inhibits acid secretion.


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