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Although simple to perform, these binding assays pose the difficulty of correlating unequivocally the binding sites concerned with the pharmacological effect; this is particularly difficult when more than one population of binding sites is present.
Whether this effect could also be achieved by an ?-sympathomimetic remains debatable. In the very rare asympathotonic form, use of sympathomimetics would certainly be reasonable.


Furthermore, congenital malformations are to be expected when cytostatics must be used during pregnancy (teratogenic effect). Cytostatics possess different mechanisms of action. Damage to the mitotic spindle (B). The contractile proteins of the spindle apparatus must draw apart the replicated chromosomes before the cell can divide.
Both mechanisms converge via factor X into a common final pathway. The clotting factors are protein molecules. “Activation” mostly means proteolysis (cleavage of protein fragments) and, with the exception of fibrin, conversion into protein-hydrolyzing enzymes (proteases). Some activated factors require the presence of phospholipids (PL) and Ca2+ for their proteolytic activity.


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